How Does Troop 461 Meet the Aims and Methods of the Boy Scouts of America?

  • "Open" Troop - "There's more to life than just Boy Scouts……"
We attempt to work around other activities Boys are involved in.
We try to balance "rigid rules" against the need for organization
  • Fun - Scouting has to be fun for them to participate
  • Attendance Philosophy & Participation
Boys should attend meetings and campouts whenever possible but shouldn't sacrifice school work and studies.  We also understand that other activities come up that require the boy to miss meetings.  Sometimes these activities last several months (like sports).
We encourage the boys to "rejoin" the troop activities when time allows.  However, it is the boy's responsibility to find out what's going on.   Also remember that last minute cancellations may cause you to forfeit fees already paid.
Stricter attendance criteria are required when in a leadership position working toward advancement requirements (we are developing specific guidelines)
  • Communication
Boys responsible for remembering activities, but……
  • We use the Patrol Method - But what is a Patrol?
The Boy Scout Troop is made up of Patrols of 5-10 boys each. Each patrol has a Patrol Leader, Asst. Patrol Leader, Quartermaster and Scribe.
Cub Scouts crossing over will be assigned to a "New Scout Patrol" with 6-10 boys.
Patrol Leadership positions may be rotated so boys get to know each position.
One or Two older Scouts will be assigned to the "New Scout Patrol" as Troop Guides.
A parent (Assistant Scoutmaster) will be assigned to the "New Scout Patrol" as a Patrol Adviser
  • Boy Leadership - A scoutmaster trains boys to be leaders, makes available to them the resources and guidance they need to lead well, and then steps into the background and lets them do their jobs - Letting them fail sometimes is part of the experience of learning.
  • Boy Planning & Direction whenever possible
  • Boy Meeting Planning
How does are Troop Philosophy Impact you?
Answer: Activities may sometimes seem "'disorganized" and "last minute" Please be patient

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