Parental Expectations

What does the troop need from each parent?

  • Make sure your son knows his schedule for all his activities - Encourage him to put scout activities in his school day planner.
  • Take on a Troop Adult Leadership positions.
  • Recognize your son's accomplishments: Attend Court of Honor - 2 per year.
  • Come enjoy the outdoors on a campout or two.
  • Commit to encouraging participation by your son.
  • Commit to making sure your son meets obligation of Leadership Position -Examples:
    • Attendance at planning meetings, storing of patrol gear, making sure patrol gear makes it to the outing or get it to someone who can get it there.
  • Have son wear his uniform - Help him keep it up to date with rank patches and awards
  • Patience - We're all volunteers
  • Fees:
    • Yearly rechartering fee due every November
    • Fees for each Weekend campout
    • Range from $2 to $20 depending on activity and location
    • Plus Food money for each campout - Patrols create menus, buy their own food, and divide the cost amongst the members.
    • Summer Weeklong camp includes food
    • Summer High Adventure Camps: Range from $80 -$750 (Philmont, New Mexico, Jamborees, etc.) plus transportation.
  • Fundraisers - We do 1-3 per year to keep the troop treasury full for Troop equipment, badges, etc.
  • Equipment needed
    • Uniform
    • Scout Book
    • Sleeping Bag and pad
    • Rain Gear
    • Eating utensils (Cup, Plate, Fork, Knife and Spoon)
    • Back Pack (eventually will be needed for hikes; Boys can usually use duffle bags for a while)
    • Personal tents are optional - Troop tents are supplied however some boys have their own.

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